Tom DeLay Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison--Politics

Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, once considered among the nation's most powerful and feared lawmakers, was sentenced to three years in prison Monday for a scheme to influence elections that already cost him his job, leadership post and millions of dollars in legal fees.
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The sentence comes after a jury in November convicted DeLay, a Houston-area Republican, on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering for using a political action committee to illegally send corporate donations to Texas House candidates in 2002.

Prosecutors said DeLay will likely be free for months or even years as his appeal makes it through the Texas court system. Before being sentenced, DeLay repeated his longstanding claims that he did nothing wrong, the prosecution was politically motivated and that he never intended to break the law. DeLay was convicted in Travis County, one of the most Democratic counties in Texas, which is one of the most Republican states in the country.
I can't be remorseful for something I don't think I did, DeLay said in a 10-minute speech to the judge.

Christina Green born on Sept. 11, 2001

Christina Green was on the student council of her elementary school, so on Saturday her mother’s friend thought she might enjoy seeing government in action: the local congresswoman meeting with constituents outside a supermarket near Christina’s home. I allowed her to go, thinking it would be an innocent thing,” said the girl’s mother, Roxanna Green, 45.

It did not turn out that way. A gunman shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords, leaving her in critical condition, and his fusillade killed six people, including Christina, a 9-year-old who loved animals and volunteered at a children’s charity. ..She was born on Sept. 11, 2001, and she was proud of it, her mother said, because it lent a grace note of hope to that terrible day.

Obama Leading the Nation in Silence

President Obama led the nation in a moment of silence on Monday for the victims in the Arizona shooting, standing somberly with his wife, Michelle, their heads bowed, overlooking the South Lawn of the White House. Mr. and Mrs. Obama stepped outside the White House, and with the toll of a single bell by a Marine guard, silence fell in Washington and across the nation.

Hundreds of Congressional aides gathered on the steps of the East Front of the Capitol to mark the moment. The dead included a member of their own ranks, Gabriel M. Zimmerman, the director of community outreach for Representative Gabrielle Giffords; Mr. Zimmerman had been organizing the sort of constituent event that many staff members have attended themselves without much concern about public safety.

China's military is decades behind US

China has insisted that its military technology lags "decades behind" the United States and other developed countries and poses no threat to the rest of the world. Liang Guanglie, the Chinese defence minister, spoke on the first day of a three-day trip to Beijing by Robert Gates, the US Defence secretary. The efforts that we place on the research and development of weapons systems are by no means targeted at any third country or any other countries in the world, and it will by no means threaten any other country in the world, said Mr Liang.

His conciliatory tone was echoed by Li Keqiang, who is likely to become China's prime minister next year. On the first day of a tour of Britain, Mr Li stressed that China had actively mediated to reduce international tensions in Iran, Darfur and North Korea.

Maria Elena Walsh died

The classic children's writer died at age 80 in the hospital La Trinidad after a long illness, this afternoon in Sadaic ensure, access to multimedia special, Let your farewell message
The writer, poet and composer Maria Elena Walsh died today at age 80 after a long illness, as confirmed from Argentina Society of Authors and Composers (Sadaic) to
The Sanatorium Trinidad Palermo reports the death of Ms. María Elena Walsh, after a prolonged hospitalization and chronic illness as an epilogue that plagued against which he fought in recent times, the medical center through a brief statement.


What is this IPTU IPVA IFUDEU?
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New Year is equal beginning of lessons to get you support, make promises but know it will always be the same.

Exclusive Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks
It wouldn't be the holidays without another Star Wars parody, would it? On Sunday night, December 19th, Adult Swim will show Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III in an hour-long special that will be a singular story instead of the usual mixed bag of sketches Seth Green and company cook up.
Starring in the special is Green as Chewbaca; the Emperor (Seth MacFarlane) Darth Vader (Abe Benrubi). Watch Gary the Stormtrooper (Donald Faison) Boba Fett (Breckin Meyer). Also guest-starring are Zac Efron (Anakin Skywalker), Rachael Leigh Cook (Padme), Donald Glover (Mace Windu) and Mike Henry (Wedge Antilles), with Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams and Ahmed Best as their infamous Star Wars counterparts, C-3PO, Lando Calrissian and Jar Jar Binks.
 jar jar binks

BuzzFocus spoke with co-creator, Matthew Senreich about what fans can expect out of this third Star Wars-Robot Chicken special.
We wanted to have some kind of continuity, a linear path with it. Senreich said. "We took the idea of following the Emperor, mostly, and some of the other key characters of the Star Wars universe before the prequels began all the way through after the events in Return of the Jedi. We have the narration through the Emperor's voice if you will, bookending it.

Plano Isd, mckinney isd, frisco isd

 mckinney isd, frisco isd
As Jamie Schell prepares for the Plano Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday “Plano first annual” he is constantly reminded about his grandfather and his importance to the city of Plano.
plano isd

The late AR Schell Jr. was a founding member and founding an early president of the Plano Chamber of Commerce for more than six decades. He was mayor of 1932-1948, the 16 years still stands as the longest tenure of any individual position. The name Schell holds much weight in Plano, and Jamie Schell and several other big names Plano VIP will receive a well-deserved recognition at the luncheon to be held at Collin College Conference Center. Lunch this year celebrates 65 years of community partnerships. My grandfather has always been an important component of this chapter, as was my father”, Schell said, also referring to another former House member Plano
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Sip and See party- Renewl

sip and see party----
---A couple dozen men and women popping in and out, snacking on sandwiches and sipping beer and wine. But something besides pita and pulled chicken was being passed around during Jackie Scott's get-together last fall: Her 2-week-old daughter, Ella, the star of the party... Known as meet-the-baby bashes, welcome-to-the-world parties or sip-and-sees — as in, sip some Champagne, see what the stork brought — this newfangled way of celebrating a new arrival is just one example of how the traditional, ladies-and-onesies baby shower is getting a makeover. ...There are coed "pregnancy parties" that take place in dark hipster bars. There are necessities-only "sprinkles" (vs. showers) in which parents-to-be request diapers and wipes as opposed to rompers and rattles. There are "favorite book-showers" that have guests springing for copies of Goodnight Moon. And there are casual Sunday afternoon barbecues with the expectant mom as guest of honor.

The BCS title game

The old ball coach who knows a little about offense, said the game could wind up 60-55. Kirk Herbstreit, the TV analyst who knows a little about these teams, said defenses must bristle when they keep hearing about scores in the 55-53 range.The bookmakers in Las Vegas, who don't throw out their numbers just for fun, envision something more like 38-35.
The BCS title game
There's a reason Auburn and Oregon are playing in the BCS National Championship Game tonight, a reason the matchup has turned into a red-hot ticket.These are two newcomers to the championship scene, both with offenses that rarely take a break.
The BCS title game
Auburn has Cam Newton, the Heisman Trophy winner who led the SEC in rushing, passer efficiency and scoring. Oregon has LaMichael James, the key to an offense that likes to snap the ball nine to 11 seconds after the end of the previous play, and one that scores a nation-high 49.1 points per game.We're anticipating it being very quick, obviously, from the things that we've heard, Auburn head coach Gene Chizik said. "But we're prepared for that.The BCS title game

Fernanda Vasconcellos with her shoes

The charming and beautiful Actress Fernanda Vasconcellos, 26, no navel appears in a commercial for shoes. In this video, the actress asks two men to take care of his sandals as She goes to sea - and now you can see the  full body.
fernanda vasconcellos

-The picture was apparently distributed in the internet and generated many many  comments are made- especially on Twitter,,, where she entered the most talked scared, and YouTube, where her video was repeatedly playing... Fernanda Vasconcellos....You can watch the video on the youtube and other video sites.

Angela Rippon Dancing On Ice

Angela Rippon looked quite wobbly when she first took to the ice tonight and we were nervous for both her and her partner before she even started her routine.... 

angela rippon

During her rehearsals Torvill and Dean were disappointed by the former newsreader’s slow progress and improvement and Canadian skater Sean Rice forced her to take breaks because she was getting tired and endangering herself on the ice... This evening Angela and Sean skated to ‘At Last’. It was a slow moving routine

american renaissance and Jared Loughner link

Fox News has obtained a Department of Homeland Security memo that has compiled information suggesting alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner may have ties to American Renaissance, a pro-white racist organization that publishes an anti-immigration newsletter. 
american renaissance

No direct connection, but strong suspicion is being directed at American Renaissance, an organization that Loughner mentioned in some of his internet postings and federal law enforcement officials are investigating Loughner's possible links to the organization. The organization is a monthly publication that promotes a variety of white racial positions. The group's ideology is anti government, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic," according to the memo which goes on to point out that Congressman Giffords is the first Jewish female elected to high office in Arizona.

Happy Founders of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. are pleased to announce the 2011 National Founder’s Day Celebration honoring the fraternity’s co-founder, Charles I. Brown. The celebration will be held January 7-9, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel, 2345 McGee, will serve as the host location for all celebration events. Included in the festivities are the following public events: Friday, January 7; 7:00PM – 8:30PM: Welcome Reception Saturday, January 8; 12:30PM – 2:00PM: Charles I. Brown Celebration Luncheo 10:00 PM – 3:00AM: Crystal Blue and White Party Additionally, the fraternity will gather for a Sunday worship service on January 9 at the Macedonia Baptist Church, 2455 Benton Blvd. In addition to brothers from across the country, the following fraternity dignitaries are confirmed attendees for the celebration

Who is Space Big Star Kim Hee Chul

Kim Heechul a member of the South Korean boyband Super Junior recently had a star named after his name.Filed under Pictures Twitter Tagged Kim Hee Chul Heechul Heechul.TWEET Heedictator TVXQ Super Junior Show me your love httptwitpic. At the moment that I am writing this SpaceBigStar Kim Hee Chul is trending because this photo was tweeted of the KPop star from Super Junior with YoonHo and ChangMin from TVXQ.Information about SpaceBigStar Kim Hee Chul the latest real time news blogs web 2. Now he is known as Space Big Star Kim Heechul. 09 ICEPLUSCOFFEE Hardywise Trackback on January 9 2011 at 436 pm. January 9 2011 Posted in Pic news translation twitter. For the love of Super Junior Annyeong This a fan blog with the latest news updates anything related to Super J. Keep Your Head Down YoonHo ChangMin And.

us army all american bowl 2011 roster Ad me Up before you gooo

2011 US Army All American Bowl Game Roster Features Stephon Tuitt, Ray Drew - SB Nation Atlanta 2011 US Army All American Bowl Game Roster Features Stephon. us army all american bowl 2011, us army all american bowl, army all american game 2011 roster, aaron lynch, army all american game 
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The Football Star Poleaxed By Pitch Invader

A Stevenage footballer has been punched to the ground - apparently by one of his own fans - as the defender celebrated his club's shock FA Cup win over Newcastle.Defender Scott Laird was attacked as supporters ran on to the pitch at the final whistle.His League Two side beat their Premier League opposition 3-1 in the live televised match at Stevenage's Lamex Stadium.
football star

Videos of the incident were immediately circulated on the internet.
The grainy images show Laird celebrating on the halfway line following the game.
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US House Democrats Rapidly Unleash Sharp Attacks

After four years of harassment by an aggressive Republican minority, House Democrats evidently absorbed a lesson along with all those political blows: the route back to Congressional power is paved with frontal assaults on the practices and policies of the majority.In the opening days of the 112th Congress, members of the new Democratic minority have been unrelenting in their attacks on the way Republicans have begun their reign. Via news conferences, Web videos, floor speeches, media appearances and a steady stream of critical statements and e-mails, Democrats have accused the new regime of ignoring the deficit implications of repealing the new health care law, breaking promises to run a more open House and, for good measure, letting lawmakers who were not sworn in cast votes. House Democrats would obviously prefer to still be in charge. But falling from power and relinquishing the responsibility of running the House has freed them to unleash the same kind of attacks that Republicans and their allies so effectively employed against Democrats, particularly over the last two years

YG Entertainment attracts the attention of musicians in all over world

Out of the three major Korean music agencies, YG Entertainment has been receiving the spotlight of famous producers from the states, as their music is centered around hip hop, unlike SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. The current musicians sending their love calls over to YGE are Will.I.Am, Jeremy Scott, and Diplo.  
attracts the attention
 There’s also a wide variety in that some are singers, composers, and DJS.  Many large-scale producers and agencies are also said to be waiting for YG artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1 to debut in the states. Through such support, YG has been speeding up their efforts in advancing into the international market.  Both Big Bang and 2NE1 announced that they’d be focusing on the Japanese market, while CEO Yang Hyun Suk is in under the table discussions with representatives in the U.S.

US congress woman Giffords Shot in Arizona

 Its very bad news.Initial reports are sketchy. But we have multiple reports that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) has been shot at a "Congress on Your Corner" event in Tucson this morning. There is no clear reporting on her current condition, though local NPR reports that she was transported to University Medical Center in Tucson.
congress woman

A US congresswoman has been shot along with several other people in Arizona, US media report. Unconfirmed reports say Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic member of the US House of Representatives, was shot in the head at point-blank range.

The Washington Gas Review

Washington Gas The costs of heating and cooling our homes and offices, keeping gas in cars and trucks that make us work and the grocery store, and generate electricity that keeps our purring laptops are heading towards heaven because Obama thinks that is what is best for us.
This is a classic example of liberals using the government to make us what we would never ourselves.It is important to take note of this point today because the signs of a reelection campaign Obama 2012 based on a false allegation that he is pro-business.gas steadily to nearly $ 4 a gallon and projected by the federal Energy Information Administration experts reach 5 million by 2012, it is time to accept Obama at his word.
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100th birthday of gypsy rose lee

Tonight the NYPL will be celeberating the 100th birthday of Gypsy Rose Lee and yours truly will be there. GYPSY ROSE LEE: An American Icon Laid Bare A Centennial Celebration with Karen Abbott, Jo "Boobs" Weldon, Miss Tickle and others Saturday, Januray 8, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the Celeste Bartos Forum"On January 8, 2011, the world's most famous burlesque performer turns 100 years old. Join LIVE from the NYPL for a centennial celebration of the birth of Gypsy Rose Lee: novelist, playwright, New Yorker essayist, fashion icon, actress, activist, member of New York’s literati, world-famous “ecdysiast" and subject of one of the best-loved musicals in American history. Be amused and appalled by dramatic readings from never-before-published letters in Gypsy’s archives, housed in the New York Public Library.

Ed Reed S Brother - Baltimore

The authorities of St. Rose, Louisiana were searching the Mississippi River on Friday for the brother of Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed after jumping to escape the police this morning.The Sheriff’s Office St. Charles Parish said Brian Reed, 29, was questioned by MPs after a report of a black car running another off River Road. A vehicle matching the description of the car was found parked beside the road and the police questioned the man inside the car was reported stolen on the radio, Sgt. Dwayne LaGrange said.While being handcuffed, the man jumped into the river near the border between Kenner, Louisiana and St. Charles parish and does not resurface, LaGrange said. The Coast Guard and Port Authority of seeking man.

The Baltimore Ravens are unsure of Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed's status for Sunday's AFC wild-card playoff game at Kansas City, according to team sources.A man believed to be a brother of Reed has been missing since Friday afternoon, when he reportedly jumped into the Mississippi River to evade police.Karen Reed, the mother of Ed and Brian Reed, said investigators in Louisiana found shoes and a jacket belonging to Brian Reed, 28. The Ravens' organization is supporting Reed and remains in contact with him and his family. As of Saturday morning, it was unclear if Reed will travel with the team to Kansas City.

Mobiles becomes the major source of tweets

At CES, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed that 40% of all tweets come from mobile devices, demonstrating mobile’s increasing importance to the social media company. On stage at the AllThingsD event at CES, Costolo bantered with Kara Swisher about why Twitter is at CES

its plans to become simpler and more consistent across platforms, and the impact of its celebrity users. During the course of the conversation, Swisher asked Costolo which devices and operating systems are the most important to Twitter’s future and its health.

The YMCA with new logo

The Dale Turner Family YMCA is unveiling a new strategy to increase understanding of its cause, which is "strengthening the foundations of community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. 

The Y will emphasize how it nurtures the potential of youth and teens, improves health and well-being and provides opportunities to support our neighbors and give back to our community. The most visible change is the Y’s new logo, which points forward and is used in five different colors to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the organization. Along with more than 2,600 Ys nationwide, the nonprofit will refer to itself collectively as “the Y.” Most importantly, the new strategy aims to help the public understand the Y’s impact and hopefully inspire involvement in the Y as a cause.

mystery event and Wireless invites press

At the International Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, Verizon already made news with phones and tablets that will run on its high-speed, next-generation 4G wireless network. So it's significant that Verizon will still have an announcement big enough to warrant a press conference in New York a week later, with Lowell McAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon Communications Inc., in attendance. Verizon would not give any further details as to what the event was about. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said she could not comment on rumors and speculation. Rumors that Verizon would carry the iPhone have been circulating since before Apple Inc. unveiled the smart phone in 2007. Those rumors lingered over the years, but have become louder in recent months, as AT&T Inc. is believed to be nearing the end of its exclusive hold on the iPhone.

Big reveals of Camille Grammer, Adam Levine, Victoria Beckham

The drama continues for Camille Grammer (Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). Besides dealing with divorce from Kelsey Grammer, she now faces a backlash of saucy pictures and unflattering comments on the Internet. Life & Style reports that her own cast mates are suspected of sending links around to her appearances in some skin-filled movies of the 1990s, with accompanying snide remarks. She's expected to officially leave the show later this month.Adam Levine of Maroon 5 drops his duds in the new issue of British Cosmo in a publicity shot meant to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. His modesty is maintained with help from his girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna.Victoria Beckham admits to British Vogue that she's had her breast implants removed. She had formerly claimed to be "completely natural, except for my fingernails.

History Channel pulled the Kennedys

The Kennedys have no one left serving on Capitol Hill, but the family may still have enough clout to prevent a miniseries about the dynasty from airing in the United States. In a statement Friday, the History Channel said it had decided not to air "The Kennedys," an eight-part miniseries that stars Greg Kinnear as President John F. Kennedy, Katie Holmes as his wife, Jacqueline, and Barry Pepper as Robert F. Kennedy. While the film is produced and acted with the highest quality, after viewing the final product in its totality, we have concluded this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand," the network said in a statement. "We recognize historical fiction is an important medium for storytelling and commend all the hard work and passion that has gone into the making of the series, but ultimately deem this as the right programming decision for our network.

Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford to coach 49ers

All week, Jim Harbaugh had a good feeling about making the jump to the NFL and joining the San Francisco 49ers — just the way mentor and late Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh did more than 30 years ago. Declaring it a “perfect competitive opportunity,’’ Harbaugh accepted the job as coach of the 49ers yesterday and said his goal is to win a Lombardi Trophy for “one of the legendary franchises in all of football.The successful Stanford coach receives a five-year deal and gets to remain right at home in the Bay Area after four years with the Cardinal. A longtime NFL quarterback, he replaces fired coach Mike Singletary. ESPN reported Harbaugh’s deal is for $25 million. I can feel the enthusiasm coursing through my veins right now, said Harbaugh. “I accept this competitive challenge willingly.While Harbaugh, 47, said he had all but made up his mind to accept the 49ers offer following a meeting of more than six hours that went into Wednesday evening, he took a couple of days to hear out his other suitors and do hishomework.

The Raytheon is disappointed

Pentagon plans to cut defense spending by $78 billion will have a mixed impact in Massachusetts, with major defense contractors Raytheon Co. and General Dynamics Corp. taking hits on some fronts but potentially gaining in others.

The proposed cuts announced Thursday by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates include canceling orders for two types of missiles manufactured by Raytheon, but Gates also outlined plans to expand missile defense systems in Europe, which rely on Raytheon radar and another type of missile produced by the Waltham company. Gates also said the Pentagon would seek to cancel the $13 billion Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, an amphibious tank that General Dynamics had developed and tested.

Republicans health-care repeal vote

House Republicans began Friday the long effort to repeal President Obama's health-care law by approving a resolution that clears the way for next week's vote. They also devoted time to cleaning up an embarrassing situation involving two lawmakers who missed Wednesday's swearing-in of the 112th Congress. The House approved the terms of debate for the repeal bill on a 236 to 181 vote, with four Democrats from conservative-leaning districts siding with every GOP lawmaker present. The final vote on repeal is set for Wednesday after seven hours of debate. Republicans acknowledge that overturning the landmark law is an uphill effort because Senate Democrats - who still hold the majority in that chamber - have no intention of bringing up the repeal measure. But they suggested that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would at least force a vote on the issue by offering the legislation as an amendment to another bill later this spring.

US the enemy of Iraq by Al-Sadr

 Thousands of Iraqis have turned out in the central Iraqi city of Najaf to hear Muqtada al-Sadr's first speech since his return from four years of self-imposed exile. The Shia Muslim religious leader called the US, Israel and the UK common enemies against Iraq in his speech on Saturday , and urged his followers to resist what he called "the occupiers" by all means.

Yes, yes for Muqtada! Yes, yes for the leader!" the crowd shouted, waving Iraqi flags and al-Sadr's pictures. Police and al-Sadr's guards were out in force in Al-Hanana, the area of Najaf where al-Sadr's home is located, and where he spoke.

jim brown and KC's Charles

Jim Brown hasn't made it back to Cotton Bowls very often since he played in the 1957 game, when his Syracuse Orangement were beaten by TCU 28-27. He accepted an invitation to return for this AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic because it will be the 75th. Brown was one of 19 members of the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame attending today's Big Play Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole and will participate in the coin flip before Texas A&M plays LSU on Friday night. Tigers coach Les Miles recognized Mr. Brown in the audience during his address. Miles grew up near Cleveland, idolizing Brown and the Cleveland Browns, and told of going onto the field at Municipal Stadium after one game.I got a chance to touch ya!" Miles said to Brown, seated at a table in the audience near the head table. Do you remember? When Brown nodded, Miles replied, I knew you did Said Brown afterward: It was sort of flattering and funny at the same time. The teams had to leave before the luncheon ended to make their walk-throughs at Cowboys Stadium. On Miles' way out, he detoured through the middle of the crowd to visit with Brown briefly.
 pat summerall, cotton bowl, jim harbaugh, 49ers, harbaugh 

updates Earthquake in San Francisco

Earthquake San Francisco , Today, Jim Harbaugh was hired by the Bay area 49ers. Through the press conference, there was a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in Bay area, CA that occurred simultaneously. The San francisco bay area may have these kind of earthquakes. No one at the conference felt the shake. However, many people are treating this as a sign from late Bill Walsh. Bill Walsh, like Harbaugh, was obviously a former Stanford Cardinal head coach. He too proceeded to teach the Bay area 49ers. He previously 10 glorious years with all the 49ers, leading them to 3 Super Bowl victories with Joe Montana at the helm.
earthquake, earthquake san jose, earthquake california, earthquake bay area, san francisco earthquake - face book login link is not working - face book login link is not working. So i the people can't login to the current by using the facebook. It seems their webmasters are sleeping.........Current .com where are you

The cotton bowl 2011 football

The game will be shown on our new software live online and in perfect HD quality! Connect to watch NCAA College Football online now! Many peοple want to wаtch NCAA College Football Live Online. There is only one way to accomplish this and you have found it! So watch the NCAA College Football live streaming online now!All games are broadcast in true, crystal clear High Definition quality with absolutely no lag or downtime.

In addition to being able to watch NCAA College Football live online, Satellite Direct also allows you watch every sporting event worldwide, live online! Watch NFL online, watch Boxing online, watch UFC 125 online, watch NHL online and so on! That’s right watch every sporting event worldwide broadcast live in high definition! Connect now and watch sports online all weekend and this is no low quality video stream – it is true high definition
 cotton bowl 2010, cotton bowl, lsu football schedule, texas a m football, 2011 cotton bowl

The engagement of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Tomorrow will be one month since Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer, and supposedly, John Edwards has wasted no time in moving on with his life. The National Enquirer is reporting that John Edwards proposed to Rielle Hunter, and is planning to marry her this summer.

Supposedly Edwards proposed to Hunter shortly after it was revealed that he was the father of her child.... vogelsterben 2011, daily post, examiner, newsround, news and star
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The Jumpin Jammerz

They say great taste is timeless --- but then again, so is bad taste.. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are times that the object in question is just too awful to keep to ourselves. Get out the mouthwash and breath mints - this one is enough to make you throw up in your mouth..

We're scratching our heads as to why these seem to be popular this year. Or maybe they're not popular, and companies are just pushing them on consumers like a horrible nightmare come true..

Kyw 1060 and kyw school closings

Once again, fireworks and mimes will help ring in the New Year in the region. Sugar Shack Casino sponsors Twice as fireworks, twice the fun, two fireworks shows tonight produced by the company from Delaware RiverfrontThis year offers an evening show at 6:00 p.m. with a possibility of listening to families with children, and the traditional display at midnight. Visitors to both Philadelphia and Camden waterfronts will be able to hear the soundtrack synchronized to the fireworks of speakers on th Grande Place at Penn’s Landing and Wiggins Park in Camden, New Jersey KYW Newsradio also broadcast music official time clock to allow partygoers, wherever they are to watch, given to 1060 AM to enjoy the fireworks with their soundtracks coordination----kyw school closings, kyw, whud storm center, examiner, noaa weather
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The Target Logo, Orkin and money drop

Million Dollar Money Drop featured two friends, Sherman and Omar, trying to cash in on a million dollar prize. The pals needed to answer seven questions so they could take home what they had left to spend. The question about the Target logo was tricky.  The Target  logo, often called the “Target bullseye” is familiar to anyone who shops at Target. Million Dollar Money Drop asked the question How many red rings are in this familiar Target logo? Could you answer this question?  My first answer was that there were 3 circles in the Target logo. The correct answer was ONE CIRCLE. target logo, colheita feliz, torpedogratis, target stores, bullseye

Ellen Weiss Resign

A senior executive at NPR has resigned in the wake of an external review which expressed concern over the network’s handling of the Juan Williams firing, though it concluded that the dismissal had been legally sound. In addition, NPR’s board voted to strip CEO Vivian Schiller of her bonus for 2010. The resignation of Ellen Weiss, NPR’s senior vice president for news and the woman who personally handled Williams’ firing–which occurred in the wake of the former NPR analyst’s comments about Muslims on Fox News–was announced at the same time as the findings of the review. Weiss had worked at NPR since 1982.
npr, col3, col3neg,, 4ez smetki

Sorry NPR, too little too late, it is defunding time! Ellen Weiss, who is the NPR official who fired Juan Williams over the phone for his Muslim garb comment, resigned today senior vice president for news. The other NPR hack, CEO Vivian Schiller somehow managed to keep her job, even after claiming that Juan Williams needed to see his psychiatrist or publicist after the firing. The slap on the wrist Schiller got, was simply losing her 2010 bonus.

The Maryland Terror

Reports of two explosions at the Maryland Department of Transportation’s headquarters in Hanover and a state government building in Annapolis should be treated with a huge amount of suspicion given the fact that the FBI has been caught habitually provocateuring patsies to commit bombings, most recently in Baltimore itself. A source has told 11 News that two packages exploded, one at the MDOT building and another at the Jeffrey Building on Francis Street in Annapolis. The source said when the packages were opened in the mail rooms of the buildings, a small explosion happened. Both were apparently sent through the mail, an official says. In both cases, the packages emitted a small bang or flame, but NBC’s Pete Williams said there were no explosives in the packages, adds MSNBC. When the packages were opened, smoke was emitted and there was a chemical smell, say eyewitnesses. Although this may be the amateur work of someone with a genuine grudge, as we have documented for years and in dozens of cases, such terror plots are routinely set up by the FBI who provide the patsy with explosives and radicalize them into carrying out such plots through their vast informant network. prison cities, eco fascist, prison planet

The Endodontist Tips

This endodontist resume is an answer on how to create a professional and complete resume sample. This resume example highlights different sections. You can get more ideas on how to draft a great and appealing sample with the help of this sample. An endodontist is a specialized health care professional, who provides special dental services by diagnosing, treating and examining nerve and dental tissue. Typical tasks of an endodontist include examining teeth, gums, and tissues to determine and diagnose the condition and problem.

Derek Nordeen, D.D.S. of La Crosse, recently earned his certification from the American Board of Endodontics. Nordeen is an endodontist in private practice with Endodontic Specialists of La Crosse in Onalaska. Becoming a boardcertified diplomate is the highest status an endodontist can achieve.In order to obtain diplomate status, Nordeen successfully completed a rigorous three-part examination that included a review of his education, knowledge, skills and ability to apply new research and advances to the practice of endodontics, as well as his commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care. The American Board of Endodontics is the only certifying board for the specialty of endodontics and is one of the nine specialty boards recognized by the American Dental Association 

The Three King's Day is Epiphany 2011

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Okay, not me. To baby Jesus. And, I suppose, technically the Magi are not my true loves. But the point is: On the Twelfth Day after Christmas, the story goes, the three kings finally reached the manager (it takes a long time to travel by camel) and presented gifts to the baby. 

Around the world, the day of Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, is marked by celebrations. In Spain, children often wait until Epiphany to open gifts.
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Elizabeth Edwards' Will

Elizabeth Edwards has sent a final “Eff You and Up Yours” to her cheating cad husband — former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards — from beyond the grave.She axed the scandal-scarred politican from her Last Will & Testament.  Elizabeth lost her lengthy battle against breast cancer last month. She amassed a fortune thanks to the sales for her 2009 memoir Resilence, but left nothing to her estranged husband in the division of her estate, CNN said Wednesday. In the will, drafted Dec. 1, just six days before her death, Elizabeth left everything to the surviving three of her four children, daughters Cate and Emma Claire and son Jack.

Just six days before her untimely death, Elizabeth Edwards signed off on her will that this morning has finally been released. Her eldest daughter Catharine, a lawyer, is named as executor of the will and after reading the document, we've learned she left everything to her three children. Quoting Elizabeth straight from the document, she said:
"All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death, I give and bequeath to my children."

The Motorola New Atrix 4G

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha unveiled two new Android 4G smartphones and the highly-anticipated Xoom Android 3.0 tablet computer, all powered by dual-core processors, at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone, which will launch on AT&T in the first quarter this year, runs Android 2.2 and is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core chip.Each core runs at 1GHz, making the device ideally twice as fast as today’s standard single core, 1GHz chips, according to Jha. With a four-inch qHD display, the Atrix 4G has more than speed in store for consumers. The device also docks with a PC or laptop to make users’ content accessible on larger screens via Motorola’s Webtop application, which runs a full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser
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The 2011 People’s Choice Awards

 Tonight we had the much expected People’s Choice Awards 2011 straight from Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The show pretty much left clear that twilight is still out there in kids’ minds; the movie gathered a total of four awards in the night, including Favorite Movie, Favorite Drama Movie, Favorite Movie Actress and Favorite On-Screen Team.
In the side of music Eminem left the Nokia Theatre with 4 awards, Rihanna with three and Katy Perry with two People’s Choice Awards.  Check out the full list of winners below

Queen Latifah hosted the Peoples Choice Awards Wednesday night.  The people, the people!Throughout the night, Latifah made sure we remembered that the people voted.But did “the people” get it right?I say… never leave it up to the people to vote for awards.I know the People’s Choice Awards is more of a popularity contest than a measure of talent.  But still.Selena Gomez as Breakout Artist?  Kristen Stewart  Favorite Movie Actress?  Really?

show of censored jesse ventura

We urge you to watch the videos below because they might not be around for much longer Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show about the police state and FEMA camps, which TruTV never re-aired because of constant government harassment and pressure, has already been memory-holed and is now under threat of being removed from You Tube as well.The show covers the takeover plan and what they don't want you to see how martial law is being implemented in America. Get these videos now and share them before they disappear forever
During his last appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Ventura confirmed that TruTV was forced to pull the show from their schedule due to government threats. FLASHBACK Police State episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air Former Gov. Jesse Ventura and his crew at Conspiracy Theory have blown the FEMA camp issue wide open in a truly groundbreaking episode from the program's second season on TruTV. The Police State episode proves once and for all that the feds have trained to take on American citizens,planned for riots and disasters and made preparations to maintain order at any cost. Tune in this Friday,Nov 12 at 10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central and leave the denial at the door
It is the list of new and most  misconceptions

Shooting in Millard South High School

 Its a very bad news. It occur on On Jan 5, 2010 when there was a shooting at Millard South High School in Omaha, Nebraska. It has now been reported that the shooter is dead. The underage shooter remains unidentified.The shooter entered the front office at Millard South High School, firing four to five shots

The gunman shot two people. They were taken to the hospital, where their wounds are still being treated.Jake Bettin, a police officer in Omaha, confirmed that the shooter was a student at Millard South High School. His body was found in a car after the incident.The investigation is ongoing and the school remains locked down. CBS affiliate KMTV broadcasted that students are safe inside the building and that police have full control. Neighboring schools have been dismissed
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The jeanie buss Los Angeles

The Lakers got their act together on the court, renewing their effort on defense and throttling a mediocre team instead of the other way around for a change with a 108-83 victory over the Pistons on Tuesday. Off the court, it was another story. Actually, many of them.
Yahoo reported early Tuesday afternoon that Ron Artest and Phil Jackson became engaged in a loud confrontation after a recent practice because Artest was upset over Jackson’s sometimes public criticism. Not long after, reported that Pau Gasol missed the shoot-around before Sunday’s loss to Memphis. Two other Lakers were late because, like Gasol, they said their iPhone alarms malfunctioned. Then there was Mark Cuban chirping in from Dallas, dismissing Jackson as Jeanie Buss’ boy-toy. Maybe Mark did it to make me giggle, said Jeanie, daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Because I am Madonna now and Phil’s my boyfriend.And right in the middle of it all is Kobe Bryant. As if losing four of six, and getting blown out at home by the likes of milquetoasts Milwaukee and Memphis was not enough to send Lakers fans into fits of panic, now they learned that Artest was about to go off the reservation, that Gasol didn’t just need an alarm clock for game time, and that revelations about a foot fetish are just around the corner.

The kappa alpha psi is the oldest black fraternity

Kappa Alpha Psi, the nation's oldest black fraternity, turns 100 today.January 5th marks their annual celebration of Founder's Day, which commemorates the 10 men who first conceived the organization in 1911. KAPsi was officially chartered and incorporated under the state of Indiana as Kappa Alpha Nu on May 15 of the same year. 

The name was changed to its present form in 1914.This is a milestone that is certainly worth celebrating, said Richard Lee Snow, the fraternity's executive director and chief operating officer, told the Philadelphia Daily News. "Since 1911 this organization has initiated over 150,000 members including some of the foremost citizens of this country, and we have remained steadfast to our principle of 'achievement in every field of human endeavor.The Indiana University frat was the first of its kind, and aimed to combat racial discrimination from the start, focusing largely on achievement. The founders, which include notables Elder Watson Diggs  and Byron K. Armstrong, aimed for national expansion from the start, according to the fraternity's website.
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China's first stealth fighter jet

Photos leaked online that appear to show a prototype of China's first stealth fighter jet were discussed in state media Wed –a move that supports claims the country's military aviation program is advancing faster than expected.Both the English and Chinese language editions of the Global Times ran front page articles on the photos of what appears to be a future J-20 fighter, along with extensive reports on the buzz the pictures have generated overseas.

Photos of the plane appeared on unofficial military news websites and hobbyist blogs last week and were still viewable Wednesday.The Global Times did not comment on the authenticity of the pictures, but since the government wields extensive control over state media, the report's appearance and the fact that censors have not removed images from websites suggest a calculated move to leak the information into the public sphere.That in turn would reflect the growing confidence of the traditionally secretive People's Liberation Army, which is pushing for greater influence and bigger budgets.
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A homeless man having golden voice become famous

The nature gave him a golden voice. He is really like a radio announcer.
The Columbus Dispatch discovered a homeless man along Ohio's I-71 claiming to have the God-given gift of voice. His name is Ted Williams, and he's an former radio announcer according to the note he scrawled on a piece of cardboard that he uses to solicit change from drivers. 

And wow does Williams ever deliver for a dollar. Williams tells the Dispatch about his struggles, but thankfully alcohol and drugs and a few other things haven't diminished Williams' velvety vocal cords, and he says he's two years clean now.
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The mega millions Texas lottery

Texas Lottery Mega Millions, Mega Millions brings fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The jackpot for Friday is the preparation of an explosive and 242 million for a single annuity winner. Simply $ 1 for a chance to start 2011 with a bang.Any lucky player who matches all five white ball numbers and the Mega Ball number, could win and about 9.3 million per year for 26 years with the annuity option. 

Or a player may select the cash option value and gain a single payment of about 154 million.Revenue from sales of Mega Millions benefits of a multitude of good causes in the 42 jurisdictions that offer the game. As always, when the jackpot rises to this level, we remind our players to play responsibly. You only need one ticket to win.
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Ohio and Arkansas in 2011 Sugar Bowl

 Ohio and Arkansas are in a match in the 2011 Sugar Bowl. they both are trying to get more marks. Arkansas is showing some signs of life here in the third quarter of the 2011 Sugar Bowl, but they sure take their sweet  time getting around to it. 
2011 Sugar Bowl

Jordan Hall runs the second-half opening kickoff back 33 yards for the Buckeyes, and Terrelle Pryor rips off a 17-yard gain on first down, but on the next three plays the Buckeyes are held to a total of three yards, and the Hogs get the ball at their own 19-yard line. A four-minute drive stalls outside the red zone, and Zach Hocker manages a 46-yard field goal. Never one to go through a Sugar Bowl without diligently attempting to fritter away any advantages, the Buckeyes go three-and-out
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Dance competition is Live to Dance juged by Paula Abdul

the new Paula Abdul dance show premiered tonight, giving Paula Abdul a new method of judging America’s future stars.
paula abdul

In case you missed it, you can watch it. The Live To Dance judges other than Paula Abdul are choreographer, Travis Payne, and Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt. The judges on Live To Dance surprised everyone when they didn’t put through the contestants with the most heartwarming stories, such as the flight attendant who was obsessed with Abdul and the dancer who had a hearing problem. Were the Live To Dance judges trying to prove that they are not pushovers, or were they too harsh on those contestants?
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Jeanne Edwards and Ron Franklin

Ron Franklin is one of ESPN previous presenter who has been fired due to his misbehavior recently. 
ron franklin
 According to a recent  report, his unsympathetic comments on his fellow co-worker Jeanne Edwards cause his removal from office in the high-status broadcasting and TV company. People are perhaps talking about of what occur on him and Jeanne for the reason that of those language that reach to the notice of the managerial side of the private firm. Bleacher report noted that the past feast Bowl brought a lot of issue about the man and a part-time reporter who's currently on their way broadcasting live straight from the event.
jeanne edwards
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Wedding of Ben Roethlisberger and Ashley Harlan

Are Ashley Harlan and Ben Roethlisberger engaged, their wedding set for July? Ben Roethlisberger when asked if he is engaged refused to confirm nor deny reports of his alleged upcoming wedding to Harlan. 
ashley harlan

Multiple reports online claim that Ashley Harlan and Ben Roethlisberger are engaged, two reports even claiming the alleged couple have set a summer wedding date. The Executive Editor of Golf World Ron Sirak tweeted today that word that Roethlisberger is going to tie the knot in July is great news. 970 AM ESPN Pittsburgh reported today that Ben and Ashley are engaged. 970AM ESPN states We have a very good source that tells us that this is Ashley Harlan form New Castle PA.  Recent reports are that her and Big Ben will be married in June at a friend and players house. The source of the report was not identified

Why the dead birds fall from sky

Around 500 dead birds have fallen from the sky in Louisiana, found scattered along a 1/4 mile portion of highway in Point Coupee Parish, the AP reports. The discovery is approximately 300 miles south of Beebe, Arkansas, where just days earlier thousands of the same species of birds also fell from the sky. Initial tests conducted by biologists on the red-winged blackbirds and starlings found in Arkansas revealed that the birds suffered internal injuries that formed deadly blood clots. Countless explanations have been speculated, from intense high-altitude weather like lightning or hail to disturbance from fireworks. Disease and poison were determined to be far less likely causes, though full test results won't rule them out until next week There was probably some physical reason, but I doubt anyone will ever know what it was, Thurman Booth, Arkansas' wildlife services director, told CBS

Around 500 dead birds have fallen from the sky in Louisiana, found scattered along a 1/4 mile portion of highway in Point Coupee Parish, the AP reports. The discovery is approximately 300 miles south of Beebe, Arkansas, where just days earlier thousands of the same species of birds also fell from the sky. Initial tests conducted by biologists on the red-winged blackbirds and starlings found in Arkansas revealed that the birds suffered internal injuries that formed deadly blood clots. Countless explanations have been speculated, from intense high-altitude weather like lightning or hail to disturbance from fireworks. Disease and poison were determined to be far less likely causes, though full test results won't rule them out until next week There was probably some physical reason, but I doubt anyone will ever know what it was, Thurman Booth, Arkansas' wildlife services director, told CBS

december car crash and body of illinois woman

The authorities found the body of passed woman
Illinois authorities said Monday they had found the body of a woman who walked away from the December car crash that killed her husband

Earlier, a television news helicopter spotted a body in a soybean field about a mile south of the remote site where Dale Shannon and his wife, Tanya, crashed on December 5 on their way home from a Christmas party Aerial footage from the search site Monday appeared to show a body in the field with red clothing Tanya Shannon wore a red dress to the party.
The discovery came just as searchers on horseback and helicopters were about to begin a renewed search for the woman, according to LaSalle County, Illinois, Sheriff Tom Templeton Shannon, 40, of Ransom, Illinois, was last seen with her husband, Dale, 41, at a party in the town of Streator, about 17 miles west of Ransom, relatives told CNN affiliate WGN
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Bill Erwin Grumpy Old Man got 96 and died

Bill Erwin received his best Emmy nomination from the old man. he work on the stage for half century.
bill erwin

The great Veteran actor Bill Erwin Grumpy Old Man has died of natural causes at 96. Erwin's name might not be familiar, but millions know his legendary performance as grumpy Sid Fields on Seinfeld. Erwin received an Emmy nomination for his performance in 'The Old Man' episode. In the show, Jerry Seinfeld volunteers to spend time with Fields through the Foster-A-Grandpa Program, but things don't quite go as planned.

Erwin is also well remembered for his role as Arthur the bellman in the 1980 fantasy film Somewhere in Time. His television credits include roles on the The Twilight Zone, The Andy Griffith Show, Gunsmoke, ER and The Golden Girls.
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Elite force man Malik Mumtaz Hussain killed Governor

The governor of Punjab (Pakistan), Salman Taseer killed today by a Police man named Malik Mumtaz Hussain  in the Capital Islamabad's market Kohsaar.
The who killed the Taseer was his body guard. He open the fire on the car of the provincial governor.
salman taseer

The Govt. confirmed that the guard is arrested. He said that he open the fire on governor because he (governor) is supporting the Asia bibi.
The police of the capital also arrested the six other men from the market spot where this event occur.

Ohio Boy killed the Mom

A 10-year-old Ohio boy was charged with murder today for allegedly shooting his mother with a .22 caliber rifle.Holmes County juvenile assistant prosecutor Sean Warner told ABC News that the boy has been charged with one count of murder.I can not divulge any statements by witness or the alleged delinquent child. But as charged it does not appear to be accident, said Warner. There is no indication that there are any other suspects.The 10 year old defendant issued a denial of the murder charge when he appeared in court this afternoon.The youth is being held at the Richland County Juvenile detention facility, according to Brad Conn, baliff for the Holmes County Juvenile Court.He is expected to remain at the detention facility unless a suitable less-restrictive placement is secured, possibly with a relative.
What is the main reason behined this murder?
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Who pay tribute to Pete Postlethwaite

Stars of stage and screen have paid tribute to Oscar nominated British actor Pete Postlethwaite, who died on Monday at the age of 64
Former girlfriend Julie Walters praised him as the most exciting exhilarating actor of his generationThe actress said Postlethwaite was a big part of her early acting career the pair toured pubs together in a theatre group.
He invented edgy He was an exhilarating person and actor
She said she agreed with Steven Spielberg, who worked with the actor in films including The Lost World Jurassic Park when he described Postlethwaite as the best actor in the world
I saw him in Coriolanus and it was the most terrifying wonderful performance I have ever seen. The audience were privileged to see it
Journalist and friend Andrew Richardson said the actor, who was appointed OBE in 2003 died peacefully in hospital in Shropshire after a lengthy illness
In 1994, he was nominated for an Oscar for In The Name of the Father about the IRA's Guildford pub bombings
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symphonicity is shape of my heart with sting

New Performance in  the Chile set Festival Internacional de la Cancion de Viña del Mar Fri, 02,25, 2011.The tickets are selling since Thursday, Dec 16 - 9:00 am It is Confirmed today, Sting's Symphonicity tour, featuring his maximum hits expected for symphonic deal, will come into view at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile on Fri, 02,25, 2011.

It is the one of the mainly vital melodic events in Latin America, this fiesta has been held yearly since the 1960 and features song competition in 2 categories i.e.pop and folk, and performance by famous intercontinental artists.Sting will perform on the on Fri, 02,25, 2011 and just marks his 2nd look at the festival where he earlier performed in the28 years beofrein 1982 with Police.
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The Identification of Kristi Cornwell’s Remains

Georgia agency of Investigatons reasserts remains detected across the weekend are the remains of lost female parent, Kristi Cornwell.  A news conference is regular today at two p.m.  Stay tuned up
Tough to trust it has been to a higher degree 1 year Kristi Cornwell was kidnaped in the Georgia. Kristi’s mom, Jo Ann Cornwell, narrated me across the telephone freshly that I'm not ceasing hope, I haven't been given whatever argue to believe she isn't alive  it bruises my heart and soul The end anybody discovered from Kristi was 1 yr ago now when she was working in Blairsville. Detectives say about 9:00 pm. Kristi got on the telephone with her boyfriend, who was in capital of Georgia at the time, as a car came near her. At that place was a struggle, and she was ne'er assured over again. A advantage of $fifty,000 is offered up for the info leading to the safety bring back of Kristi, or the catch/conviction of the individual responsible her disappearing. Kristi’s home is highly active in this case. They began a internet site

Schwarzenegger change prison sentence

Arnold Schwarzenegger commuted the prison sentence Sunday of the son of a political ally, former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, in connection with the fatal stabbing of a college student from Concord. Schwarzenegger reduced Esteban Nunez's sentence from 16 years to seven years, calling it excessive because the young man, who pleaded guilty to charges including voluntary manslaughter did not personally stab the victim and had no prior criminal record. Schwarzenegger reduced two other prisoners' sentences and pardoned eight others.

Esteban Nunez, 22, is in state prison for his involvement in the 2008 killing of Luis Dos Santos, a 22-year-old student at Mesa College in San Diego. During a fight near a San Diego State University fraternity, a friend of Nunez allegedly stabbed Santos in the chest. Nunez admitted to stabbing another man during the fight, although that man survived.
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