symphonicity is shape of my heart with sting

New Performance in  the Chile set Festival Internacional de la Cancion de Viña del Mar Fri, 02,25, 2011.The tickets are selling since Thursday, Dec 16 - 9:00 am It is Confirmed today, Sting's Symphonicity tour, featuring his maximum hits expected for symphonic deal, will come into view at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile on Fri, 02,25, 2011.

It is the one of the mainly vital melodic events in Latin America, this fiesta has been held yearly since the 1960 and features song competition in 2 categories i.e.pop and folk, and performance by famous intercontinental artists.Sting will perform on the on Fri, 02,25, 2011 and just marks his 2nd look at the festival where he earlier performed in the28 years beofrein 1982 with Police.
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