The Rose Parade

On an air force B-2 stealing bomber soaring by the cold, brighten skies all over Pasadena, the 122nd Rose Parade has begun.

This days grand marshal, TV chef and writer Paula Deen, is ahead the march in the back up of a 1923 Rolls-Royce, followed along adrift in the form of a looming fairy tale castle, meant to bring in this year’s theme, building up ambitions, friendly relationship and retentions. 1000s of domiciliate had arrange camp on the parade path, bundled up as temperatures that doused nightlong to about freezing down, and applying the pavements the look of a camp. They cowered collectively under a oddments of blankets and sleeping grips, warming up their hands over low fires and space warmers. We are elegant tramps right at once, Kathleen Bendick of  20, told with a titter. The Los Angeles resident and 4 allies hunkered all over a temporary shelve, passing the clock time along playing the cards Apples to Apples.

The cool was hard for even march veterans. Todd Denerson, thirty-four of Glendora, had determined altogether the tricks in his twelve years of tenting,  advance scouting as a clean locale (future to the Tournament house where the floats start out), amenities alike a flat screen television and videodisk player -- and batch of blankets.

It's the coolest night I have always had in entirely the yr I have done this. he said. It was so cold that  Rocky, the family's Yorkshire Terrier, spent the night tucked into Denerson’s firefighter jacket. Only his head peeked out from under Denerson's chin.


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