is hank green awesome

 The Greens tend to blog about issues that are pertinent to them and society as a whole. While some of their posts are purely for fun, there is often a blog with a message behind it. They have vlogged on health care, public versus private life, and other current issues. They encourage responses on their page and often comment on such.

They have also participated in YouTube’s “Project for Awesome” since 2007. This project entails vloggers of varying degrees and numbers of subscribers taking time from their usual vlogging to promote a charity or cause of their choice. This, according to Hank Green, “reduces the amount of suck in the world.
Do this slogan voice common to you? But this isn't the normal green color issue we are discussing here.  Now this time worldwide hot has been a great takings around the world as the public is getting from a lot of waste material made by  the people.
''GO Green''
While you may not have heard of Nerdfighteria, it is a real place. It is the home of the Nerdfighters, or followers of the popular YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers. Founded by brothers John and Hank Green in 2007 as a way for them to communicate visually to each other for one year, the public channel has grown into much more. For the past three years, the brothers Green have been bringing awesome to the online community.
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Why Juliet Huddy Juliet Huddy

O’Reilly acted a TV report of a woman Lindenhurst, Long Island, which is called Mary Groth annually to more than thirty-two,thousand lights and decorations that, according to journalist Andrea day, is used to raise funds for local charities and bring in a little Xmas cheer in Lindenhurst.

But in what was reported as a vacation crackdown, Groth got 2 citations one is as the decorations . are the property of the village. The other is for electrical work without a permit. Day added that village officials say all power would be a great danger, perhaps even lead someone to a state of shock. This B-roll show that children playing among the decorations.

Condoleezza Rice to U.S. State Department

A confidential memo from Condoleezza Rice to U.S. State Department representatives around the world has confirmed that Israel destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor, a cable leaked to WikiLeaks says. The cable  which has not yet been published  was reported by the Israeli newspaper Yediot Acharonot before its official publication on the WikiLeaks website.

The document was sent on April 25, 2008, by Rice, then secretary of state. It reads, in part, On September 6, 2007, Israel destroyed a nuclear reactor Syria was clandestinely constructing, we judge with North Korean assistance. The cable, which includes detailed information about the attack, is the first official confirmation of the attack, Yediot reported.

The Resolved Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer claimed to have murdered 37 people. The killings, which paralyzed Californians with fear for years, began in 1968, and soon after mysterious letters were sent to news outlets, many featuring cryptograms.
From this point on, the killer started communicating via letters and greetings cards. Each of these messages was concluded with the crossed-circle design pictured above. Later it became known as the Zodiac signature.
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the women's basketball

Stanford junior All-American Nneka Ogwumike did not bite when she was asked about The Streak today. Remember what happened to Ohio State after Jantel Lavender said she wanted to stand in the way of a potential 88-game winning streak and did not want to be part of a trivia question? UConn 81, Ohio State 50.

Ogwumike said the Cardinal do think about The Streak a bit, but only from the standpoint of what it has meant to women’s basketball.
Ogwumike is the best player on a team that is talented enough to win the national championship. With five players 6-foot-2 or taller in their primary rotation, UConn coach Geno Auriemma called the ninth-ranked Cardinal the biggest team in the country. They are certainly the biggest team the Huskies – and freshmen post players Stefanie Dolson and Samarie Walker – will face this season.
Ogwumike, who is averaging 14.7 points and 10.3 rebounds with two double-doubles in three career games against UConn, said this Stanford team is the most talented she has been a part of in her career. It is one that is playing with confidence and one she said that is looking to make a point against UConn.

In the sense that it’s a great accomplishment for women’s basketball, yeah,’’ Ogwumike said. “But I wouldn’t say that we are saying `we wish that was us’ or `we need to stop it.’ We’re just focusing more on ourselves. Obviously, that’s something great. Especially for women’s basketball, to be able to achieve something like that given the lack of I guess attention that women’s sports get. I guess we just kind of saw that … That was a great accomplishment.
“Obviously, a lot of people want to beat UConn because they’re a great team. But I wouldn’t say that our focus is, `Oh, let’s stop the streak.’ I guess we’re more so focused on playing our best and getting better as a team.

This will be the first meeting between the teams since UConn’s 53-47 win in the NCAA tournament final last April in San Antonio. Stanford led 20-12 at halftime before Maya Moore powered a 17-2 run to start the second half.

Tyler Bray

Kansas State’s Adrian Hillburn scored a touchdown to bring the Wildcats within two.  He salutes to the crowd and gets flagged for excessive celebration.  
Bray ended the match with three hundred and eight yards, 4 touch downs and  three picks.
The personal foul yardage gets tacked onto the two-point conversion attempt. 

Kansas State doesn’t convert.  Syracuse wins 36-34.  The excessive celebration rule should be reformed and objectified.  It should acknowledge that human beings will react spontaneously in dramatic situations.

Idiot with a Tripod Jamie Stuart News

Idiot with a Tripod is the final product of tons of snow, stuck cars, and Jamie Stuart from the massive storm that hit the Northeast recently. That being said, famed film critic Roger Ebert loves it. The short film is only three minutes long, and is just about snow. Lots of it. Snow in Queens more like it. Snow in the sense that dogs can’t go outside, cars are stuck and it was all caught on film.

Jamie Stuart stated he took a few shots outside, spending no more than than a hour and a half in the snow at one time. Then the next day, edited and uploaded the Idiot with a Tripod.
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winners of the Pinstripe Bowl

Syracuse Football fans can now say that they were the very first winners of the Pinstripe Bowl. 

Overcoming a horrible start in the inaugural Pinstripe bowl Syracuse rallied back to win.Delone Carter ran for 198 yards and two touchdowns, Marcus Sales caught three long TD passes and Syracuse got some help from a celebration penalty on Kansas State to beat the Wildcats 36-34.The Pinstripe Bowl (titled via sponsorship as the New Era Pinstripe Bowl) is a college football bowl game that will be held annually at the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx section of New York, New York beginning on December 30, 2010

indiana earthquake

According to the Associated Press, the most recent U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)-measured earthquake hit Indiana Thursday. Five states in all were shaken by a 3.8-magnitude Indiana earthquake that caused little damage but made residents nervous. “Indiana” and “earthquake” are two words that are not commonly associated, although a handful of notable earthquakes in Indiana have occurred over the past 200 years.
According to the USGS, the earthquake’s epicenter was located about 50 miles north of Indianapolis. The quake began at 7:55 a.m. and was located approximately three miles beneath the surface. The Indiana earthquake lasted just a few seconds, but the 3.8 magnitude trembler was powerful enough to be felt in Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Wisconsin.Initially, the Indiana earthquake was reported as a 4.2 magnitude earthquake, but the USGS downgraded the earthquake to a 3.8. The booms that accompanied the earthquake in Indiana, while frightening, were not out of the ordinary for an earthquake, said USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin, but that didn’t stop people from bombarding law enforcement with calls.
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Last Christmas in Baghdad

Rimon Metti's family will go to Christian services on Christmas Day, but his relatives will be praying for their own survival and marvelling whether this is their last holiday season in Baghdad. If they had any grounds for optimism about the later of their faith in Iraq, it disappeared this year amid repeated attacks on fellow believers.
last christmas

Metti's tree stands in the niche of his house, decorated with decorations and tinsel. Pennants of a smiling Santa cling from a beam. Just the decorations bring brief Christmas cheer.

His world changed Oct. 31, when Islamic militants took parishioners hostage at a Baghdad church. At least 58 people were killed in the siege. A week later, bombs went off in Christian neighborhoods in the capital.
A group linked to Al Qaeda took responsibility for those attacks and threatened more violence against Christians. It repeated those threats Tuesday. The next day, a council representing the country's Christian denominations advised followers to call off Christmas festivities, and many church leaders in major cities said they would not put out decorations or hold evening services. Metti said Friday that he would attend only the service on Christmas morning and avoid the Christmas Eve Mass. His goal is simple: survival. Priests and Christian politicians are calling for this Christmas to be one of mourning for the faithful killed in October.

Great The 4 rookies make 'Pro Bowl'

The Eagles’ quarterback, who sat out two seasons while serving a federal sentence for dogfighting, will start for the NFC in the Jan. 30 Pro Bowl in Honolulu.

Vick was selected in a leaguewide vote by NFL players, coaches and fans. Vick made three Pro Bowls with Atlanta before he was suspended by the league and served jail time for running a dogfighting ring. This season, he has gone from a seldom-used backup to the NFC’s leading passer, the catalyst for Philadelphia’s dynamic offense. Besides Vick, the Eagles had four other players selected. Atlanta, which leads the NFC with a 12-3 record, had the most Pro Bowlers with seven, including quarterback Matt Ryan, receiver Roddy White and defensive end John Abraham.

New England (13-2), the AFC leader, had six Pro Bowlers, led by QB Tom Brady, the league’s top passer who will make his sixth trip to the game providing the Patriots don’t make the Super Bowl. The game will be played the Sunday before the title game at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Baltimore, Green Bay and Dallas also had five players voted in Tuesday. Four rookies were chosen, with DT Ndamukong Suh of Detroit a starter for the NFC. Cornerback Devin McCourty of New England, kick returner Marc Mariani of Tennessee and center Maurkice Pouncey of Pittsburgh made the AFC squad.
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Engagement of Reese Witherspoon with Jim Toth

The Reese Witherspoon and her boyfriend Jim Toth have gotten themselves engaged to be wed! As you may know, Reese and Jim have been dating for about a year since Reese broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal last year.
they walking

Reese Witherspoon is ready to walk down the aisle again! She and Hollywood agent Jim Toth are engaged, her rep confirms exclusively to “They are extremely happy,” the rep tells Us. The Oscar-winning actress, 34, began dating Toth, 40, around January 2010, shortly after her split from Jake Gyllenhaal. The duo went public with their romance in March during a romantic birthday weekend in Ojai, Calif. Toth works as an agent at L.A.’s Creative Artists Agency; Witherspoon is a CAA client, but Toth doesn’t represent her Witherspoon joked about engagement talk to Entertainment Weekly recently. My mom always texts me, like, ‘Are you getting married? Witherspoon said, laughing. I’m like, ‘Mom, come on! You would know if I was getting married. A pal says of Witherspoon’s romance with Toth: She is definitely happy, in love and definitely wants to settle down.

Adam Sandler died innternet is kiling celebrities

celebrity death hoaxes are going to be a trend in 2011, aren't they? First, there were rumors of Aretha Franklin's death, then Charlie Sheen's. Now, the Internet has decided it's Adam Sandler's turn and we're happy to report that that it is indeed a rumor. What gives, Internet? Happy news, like Reese Witherspoon's engagement, boring you?
adam sandler

A fake report claimed that while Sandler was vacationing at a ski resort in Switzerland on Dec. 28, the actor "lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed." They claimed he was airlifted to a local hospital, but died instantly from the crash's impact.
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cruises new years eve 2011

For most adults, a New Year’s Eve party seems pretty easy to plan. But if you’ve got a pack of young ones, then New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids may be in order. Depending on how many kids you have and their ages, a kids New Year’s Eve party can be a snap.
cruises new years eve
The biggest challenge of New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids is targeting age groups. Letting kids younger than 10 stay up until midnight could be very difficult, for example. The best kids New Year’s Eve parties help the kids feel like they’re celebrating a big change, and they’re just a bit more “grown up.” If you’ve got a mixed-age group of kids, try to have different activities for the kids that stay up later.
For kids parties, loading the kids up on sugar may be the first instinct. Some sugar should definitely be on the menu for your kids New Year’s Eve party, but it should be tempered with something more nutritious, such as raisins or mixed nuts. Try mixing cranberry or apple juice with lemon-lime soda to serve in plastic champagne flutes. Breakfast for dinner is also a great option for New Year’s Eve parties, and leftovers make the next morning that much easier.

The quality of teaching in us

A long time l tries to improve Markham Middle School in the Watts let in altering the syllabus, cutting down class sizings and requiring uniforms. 
class room

Merely actual progress happened as better teachers were added in. Sitting in the library in a break, 2 vet teachers at Edwin Markham Middle School rattled down the names of heads who had been sent to fixing the inveterately low-performing school in Ws.There were Kimbell, Miller, Norris and Borges. And so came Mir-Rivera, Miyahara, Stroud, Sullivan. This yr, Hernandez arrived  the 9th in twenty years.For each one accompanied a long list of remediations, they said, and most left over after a couple of years with brief to appearance for school.
Miller judged a ambit of plain schemes.  He bettered the school into more administrable groupings of teachers and educatees. He made clock time for teachers to be after lessons collectively. He gave a parents' center and partnered with corps and fundaments that sent net worth and 12s of mentors to accept the educatees on field activates and college visits.
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The new drill of south korean fighter jets

The South Korea will apply its biggest ever so alive fire practice approximate the armed forces border with North Korea in a appearance of force merely as stress upon the peninsula was relieving later Pyongyang's attack on a southerly island.

The drill on duty Thursday, implying the heaviest figure of force in a peace-time exercise, comes in afterward the South's artillery unit exercise on Mon. Along the island of Yeonpyeong. The act is bound to exasperate the in the north.

North Korea this calendar week offered to re-admit UN examiners to its nuclear-weapon program, leading to meditation of a recommencement of the six-party disarming speaks and a ecumenical sigh of relief approximately the globe that the crisis had authorised.
it will be a appearance of force versus that said by an military officer said when inquired if the barrage fire of Yeonpyeong last calendar month was a factor the new drill's projecting.

He added together alike exercises had been arranged antecedently upon a lot than fifty occasions, merely the scale this time was unexampled.

It will go on in Pocheon area, less than 50km north of downtown capital of South Korea and will also affect artillery unit and attack aircraft jets.

The NBA Tasha Nicole singing Christmas songs

In the today's most the Hot Clicks Tasha Nicole  NBA players sing Christmas Day songs. 
tasha nicole

Nowadays AM red-hot mouse click* boasted video recording from the Dallas Mavericks singing grandmother Got Run Over by a the  Reindeer. 
The Nuggets have assayed their deal at the Christmas Day in …

Dead Body of US tourist found in Israel

The Israeli police found the dead body of a stab US tourist near the Jerusalem, hours after a woman travelling with her was treat for stab wound.
dead body of us tourist

The survivor was report to be a 46 year old tour guide who immigrated to Israel from the England in the 1990.
She told the police that the pair had been climbing in a jungle when they were attacked by two Arab. The US embassy yet had no information on the case, saying only that it was in touch with Israeli establishment.
The survivor, Kaye Susan Wilson, told police that she and her friend, named as Christine Logan, had been attacked on Saturday while on foot in the Mata jungle, near the town of Beit Shemesh. She said the two men accost them and rapidly attacked them.
One of them took out a very long knife,She said. I played dead. I saw the knife had not gone into my heart. My friend was near to death; I heard her making gurgle sounds.

The Police Disrupted the Major Bomb Plot in UK

The police arrested 12 men early today sunrise who were supposedly in the final stage of a major bomb plot.
map of england

The plot was purportedly directed at targets inside the England. The men were arrested after weeks of observation by law enforcement and MI5 in raid in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent. The men are between 17 and 28 years old and are mostly British citizens from Bangladeshi background.
The arrests were totally essential to keep the public safe," said a police officer. He also remind people to remain attentive due to a large number of horror threats that officials are currently monitor.
The establishment did not say the attacks were intentionally planned for the holidays, though the 

U.K. is at its second-highest stage of terror alert, "harsh," which means an attacked is believed to be likely, and last week U.S. establishment sent a message to local law enforcement countrywide warning of probable attacks during the Christmas season because of their psychological impact.

The young Citi banker Jessica Fashano's Suicide

A sad news of death ofthe Jessica Fashano.
jessica fashano

We  were shaken to get up with news of a Jessica Fashano, taking her life on Saturday by jumping off  the top of an higher West Side building. Fashano was an associate at the  Citi Global Markets, and was passionate about charity, frequently leading those initiatives at the bank. A close friend said that Fashano aspire to work permanent for a private nonprofit after accumulate more skills in finance, the New York Times report.
A former Citi M&A analyst who work with her said Fashano had one of the main hearts that I knew. Fashano's passion in life was clearly charity. She helped raise money for The New York Times Needy  Cases Fund, for the insight Fund,  which makes smallbusiness loans to people in developing countries and for Harboring Hearts Housing, which provides affordable adjustment to cardiac patients. She was 27 years old having a smiling face, left no note, though friends and family said she had been suffering from depression.
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How officials Monitoring the US

9 years after the terrorist attack of 2001, the US  assemble a vast home intelligence equipment to gather the  information about the  Americans, By using the FBI, police, state home-land security and forces criminal investigators.
usa map

The system, by far the major and most technically complicated in the US  history that collects, stores and analyze information about U.S. citizens and inhabitants, many of whom have not been accuse of any illegal behavior.
The government's objective is to have each state and local law enforcement agency in the state feed information to Washington to support the work of the FBI, which is in charge of terror campaign investigations in the US.
Other democracy 
Britain and Israel, to name two - are well familiar with such domestic security procedures. But for the US, the sum of these new activities represents a new level of governmental inspection. This localized intelligence equipment is part of a bigger Top Secret America shaped since the attacks. In July, The Washington Post describe an alternative geography of the United States, one that has grown so big, awkward and secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many citizens it employ or how many program exist within it.

The UN troops to leave Ivory Coast -Secretary General UN

Secretary General of UN has discarded the call for UN troop to depart from Ivory Coast as tension rise after last president elections.
rebels of ivory coast

current Ivory Coast President The Laurent Gbagbo had previous demand that all overseas peace-keepers leave the Ivory Coast. His spokes-person accuse UN and France troops of collude with previous rebels.
The UN and major powers have recognised Mr Gbagbo's rival, Alassane Ouattara, as the winner of the 28, Nov poll. Mr Gbagbo insist he has won. Mr Ouattara is currently under UN security in a hotel in Abidjan.
In a account read out on national T.V on Saturday, government spokes-woman Jacqueline Oble said Mr Gbagbo had "requested the immediate departure of the Unoci and the French forces supporting it".
The UN force, she added, had "interfered seriously in the internal affairs of Ivory Coast".
previously, the UN said one of its patrol had come below fire as it enter the mission compound in Abidjan, the country's main city.
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Urbana campus chancellor required for University of illinois

A new cabinet arranged  to discover a new chancellor for the University of Illinois flag-ship University campus will carry on work following week.

university of illinois

The Doug Beck is a production intellectual at university Urbana--Champaign campus and power of the committee.He told The News--Gazette on Monday that the university will start by employing a stab organisation and draft a occupant ad for the Urbana campus chancellor. He said that  the committee’s thought is to name a fresh chancellor by May.
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Engagement of Tony Romo with Candice Crawford

The ex-boyfriend of  Jessica Simpson , The Tony Romo got engage to a girlfriend Crawford on yesterday night.
tony romo with candice crawford

The Dallas Cowboys quarter-back of  30, proposed to the Crawford at 5;60 in Dallas, according to the KDAF TV, for which Crawford works as a journalist.
Crawford is also a former beauty-queen, who won the Miss Missouri US crown in the 2008. Crawford compete that same year in the Miss USA parade. She is the sister of Gossip-Girl star the Chase Crawford.
The two were celebrating Crawford's 24th birthday when she said yes. The couple have been dating publicly since Sep 2009, although they were seen collectively a few months previous to that.

The Wikileaks Founder fears US to indict him

 The organizer of Wiki-Leaks said he worries that the US  is getting ready to charge him, but insist that the secretspilling website would carry on its work in spite of what he call a dirty behavior campaign.
wikileaks founder

The Julian Assange spoke from the Ellingham Hall, country houseof a supporter, where he is restricted on bail as he fights Sweden's effort to transfer him on allegation of rape and molestation.
Julian Assange insist to television inter-viewers that he was subjected to a smear movement and what appear to be a top secret grand judges inquiry against me or our Wiki-Leaks.
He has repeatedly spoken concerns that US authorities were getting prepared to press charge over WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks ongoing making public of many secret State cables, Those have annoyed and uncomfortable U.S. officials global.
The U.S. officials are investigate WikiLeaks and allowing for charges, the case so as to if pursue might finish up pitting the state's efforts to defend responsive information beside press and talking freedom sure by First change the free speeching right.

Get Vitamin D from the natural sunshining

New health advice recommend little spells in the sun --without sun-cream and in the center of the day. 7 organisations have issue joint recommendation on vitamin D, which the body get from natural sun-light.
vitamin d from the natural sunshining

The nutrients keep bones strong, and protect against situation like osteoporosis –a defect in the bones.  The direction was drawn up because it is thought doubts about skin cancer have made people too careful about being in the sunlight.
The “Cancer Research UK” and the “National Osteoporosis Society” are amongst the bodies which consent that little and common spells in summer sunlight a number of times a week can help your health.  The expert now say it is well to go outside in sturdy sun in the middle of the day, providing you coat or apply sun-screen before your skin becomes red.

Toronto Police dismissed Sean Pierson The UFC 124 winner

Sean Pierson has had two lifetime thoughts come factual newly. He win his --UFC debut over the -Matt Riddle, and he was hire by the Police Department of Toronto. unluckily, his personality as a fighter has disallowed him from being police cop.
sean pierson

The Toronto Police dismissed the Pierson. It cite concerns about his onetime nickname of --Pimp Daddy--the time and attempt that Pierson desires to assign to fighting.
Pierson said that the nick-name was amazing that he used when he was 23 years old. He is now 34 years old, has been wedded for 9 years, and has a 2year old son.
It Looks…anyone can see the difficulty with having a extremely skilled fighter battle criminal on our streets ?

US AlQaeda weakening strategy on Afghanistan

According to the US review of  Afghan policy In Pakistan leadership of Al-Qaeda is at its weak since the 2001.


In US President Obama's review also said that the USA has made a sufficient amount of  progress in Afghanistan to set up a accountable reduction of armed forces in coming July.
But it says the gain made in opposition to the Taliban by a US army troop flow remain breakable and reversible. The US strategy to finish war operation in 2014 and move accountability for the Afghanistan's dealings to Afghanis.

The assessment comes at  time while civilian victims are at their uppermost since the US led attack of 2001. 2010 has also been the bloody for alien troops, with the USA taking the force of the casualty.

Trade deal between Chinaand India

China and  India have contracted a new 100bn dollars mutual trade objective by the 2015, up from 60bn dollars in the 2010.
 PM of china and india
 The both sides granted to take actions to encourage major  Indian export to China to decrease India's trade shortfall. The Companies have previously sign deals of 16bn dollars on the Chinese Prime Minister --Wen Jiabao's 3 day visit to India--
The newest number of “world leaders” to visit the India, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is with some 379 Chinese trade leaders.

China is the major trading associate of  India.
A joint message sign by the both sides on today,  that they had decided to increase cooperation in communications, atmosphere, IT, tele-communications and investment and economics.
It is said that two sides want  to illustrate on strengths of each other and follow joint advantage and both win results.  Mr. Wen held meeting on Today with PM of  India Manmohan Singh.
The both prime ministers discuss many susceptible issues, including a long  running boundary clash.
Both prime ministers signed 50 deals in power, wind-energy, tele-communications, steel, sea products and food of  16bn dollars at the ending of a trade conference attend by Mr. Wen in the Indian capital –Delhi- on yesterday evening.

New Diving World Record

Monday, The New Zealander William Trubridge talented what had long been regard as an unattainable feat swim to a depth of one hundered meters means 328 foot  in  single breathing and with simply hands and feet for forward motion.
diving record

William Trubridge did not utilize swimming fins- - -he wear no weights and essential no weighty sled through the dive. He did not utilize an inflatable air-bag to speedily arrive at the surface after this dive.

slightly, he set a new unaided free-diving record and achieve the historic  100 meter mark --- earlier attained merely in an assisted way,  with the weighted sleds and air-bags --- while wearing only a thin wet-suit and display extraordinary power of mentality over the body.

The International Criminal Court and Kenyans

The Keny  MP’s have so far barren move to set up a local panel.
On this Monday, The President Mwai Kibaki announce the administration would start on its own inquiry -- a move his critic has denounce as an effort to avoid suspects being send to the Hague.

But The US President Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan, called on the country to collaborate with the International Criminal Court.

He said that the path in front is not simple, but I trust that the Kenyan citizens have the bravery and re-solve to refuse the persons who would pull the state reverse into the past and steal from Kenyans of the singular chance that is earlier than them to realise the Kenya's vast potentials.
The aggression bust out 3 years ago after Kibaki's group were accuse of trying to assemble the president election.
It become useless when the Mr Kibaki and his opponent Raila Odinga granted to share rule, with Mr Odinga becoming the prime minister.

Who pay tribute to US envoy Richard Holbrooke?

US President Barack Obama and US citizens have lead tribute to the effort of the US envoy Richard Holbrooke  who die due  to heart operation on Monday at 69.
US President Mr. Obama called him exact giant of US foreign policy.
richard holbrooke
Mr. Holbrooke help broker the 1995 Dayton contract that finished the Bosnian war.
More in up to date times he was US special diplomat to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Both Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari said they were sad by the loss of Richard Holbrooke.However the Taliban said he had unsuccessful to stay alive the stress of the US led profession of the Afghanistan.

Silvio Berlusconi -Italian PM has won

Silvio Berlusconi The Italian PM has won vote of confidence. Aggressive clash has left Fifty police officers and as a minimum fourty protesters injured, In Rome.
italian pm

The protesters put fire to cars, throw stones and inverted bins in Italy's most horrible street bloodshed in recent years.
Mr Berlusconi's critics said,  he is also deeply mired in shame and bribery allegation to stay in office.
The Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, 74, is middle during a five year period but his spot has been destabilized by a sequence of scandals ,  mostly linking his relations with women.
PM has too lost the support of his nearby political supporter, Gianfranco , along with many of his supporters, scanty him of his usual bulk in the lower house of parliament.


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