The young Citi banker Jessica Fashano's Suicide

A sad news of death ofthe Jessica Fashano.
jessica fashano

We  were shaken to get up with news of a Jessica Fashano, taking her life on Saturday by jumping off  the top of an higher West Side building. Fashano was an associate at the  Citi Global Markets, and was passionate about charity, frequently leading those initiatives at the bank. A close friend said that Fashano aspire to work permanent for a private nonprofit after accumulate more skills in finance, the New York Times report.
A former Citi M&A analyst who work with her said Fashano had one of the main hearts that I knew. Fashano's passion in life was clearly charity. She helped raise money for The New York Times Needy  Cases Fund, for the insight Fund,  which makes smallbusiness loans to people in developing countries and for Harboring Hearts Housing, which provides affordable adjustment to cardiac patients. She was 27 years old having a smiling face, left no note, though friends and family said she had been suffering from depression.
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