The Identification of Kristi Cornwell’s Remains

Georgia agency of Investigatons reasserts remains detected across the weekend are the remains of lost female parent, Kristi Cornwell.  A news conference is regular today at two p.m.  Stay tuned up
Tough to trust it has been to a higher degree 1 year Kristi Cornwell was kidnaped in the Georgia. Kristi’s mom, Jo Ann Cornwell, narrated me across the telephone freshly that I'm not ceasing hope, I haven't been given whatever argue to believe she isn't alive  it bruises my heart and soul The end anybody discovered from Kristi was 1 yr ago now when she was working in Blairsville. Detectives say about 9:00 pm. Kristi got on the telephone with her boyfriend, who was in capital of Georgia at the time, as a car came near her. At that place was a struggle, and she was ne'er assured over again. A advantage of $fifty,000 is offered up for the info leading to the safety bring back of Kristi, or the catch/conviction of the individual responsible her disappearing. Kristi’s home is highly active in this case. They began a internet site


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